GRAMS to support professional development of healthcare workers

Published on Monday, 22 February 2021 at 10:06:39 AM

GRAMS Tim and Kara

Aboriginal Health Practitioner, Tim Silcock and Enrolled Nurse, Kara Dhu

Training and professional development for healthcare workers is critical to strengthen the health system performance and adapt to the fast-evolving landscape. Healthcare organisations must prioritise in in the growth and development of their healthcare workers.


As a vital Aboriginal medical service provider, Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service (GRAMS) is committed to supporting their employees career advancement and to reach their highest potential.


Congratulations to GRAMS Aboriginal Health Practitioner, Timothy Silcock and Enrolled Nurse, Kara Dhu for being accepted into the Registered Nursing course through the University of Southern Queensland. GRAMS is supporting them in their studies by granting them study leave so they can better manage their work and study load.


GRAMS staff, Kara Dhu has been working as an enrolled nurse for 3 years and said that nursing is her passion.


“It is in my nature to care for others and it gives me great satisfaction to help my patients achieve the best quality care, said Miss Dhu.


“I enjoy connecting with different people every day and knowing that I’ve made a difference every time I finish my shift,”


“The Registered Nursing program is a great opportunity for me to develop my skills and advance my career, especially in the varied nature of remote healthcare,”


“I’m lucky to work somewhere where opportunity is just waiting for you to take it. It is important for a workplace to make their employees feel valued and supported and GRAMS continuously encourages us to grow and pursue higher education.”


Aboriginal Health Practitioner, Tim Silcock said the flexibility of the program and the support from GRAMS will allow him to continue working while studying at the same time.


“I am still fairly new to town, having only lived here for a bit over a year. I am grateful to work with such an incredible team and be a part of an organisation that invests in my professional growth,” said Mr Silcock.


“Through the support of GRAMS, I will be able to study through the University of Southern Queensland while continuing to help patients. The course being online means I can continue to work in Geraldton and at the same time study to achieve my degree,”

“I’ve been working as an Aboriginal Health Practitioner for 13 years and one of the most rewarding aspects of my career is being able to help people and having a positive impact in their lives,” said Mr Silcock.


“I am excited to embark on a new career path to become a registered nurse in order to advance my professional life in the health industry.”


As an Aboriginal healthcare corporation, GRAMS’ mission is to provide high quality and progressive healthcare to Aboriginal people. Therefore, the development of their staff is paramount in ensuring they have the personnel required to deliver primary health care services to remote communities.


GRAMS Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Woods said the Registered Nursing program will help GRAMS to upskill their staff and better equip them with the skills and knowledge to provide rural medical care.


“In order to provide the best patient care, GRAMS is committed to investing in educational opportunities for our staff to support them in their personal and professional growth,” said Mrs. Woods.


“We value the remarkable work our staff do, and I am proud to support our staff with their journey to become registered nurses,”  


“Registered nurses play a vital role in the healthcare industry. The nursing program will enhance our workforce capability by providing our staff with the skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality clinical care,”


“We are thrilled our employees will have this opportunity to develop their professional career and improve the health outcomes for our regional communities.”


If you are interested in a career with GRAMS, visit the GRAMS employment page to keep up to date with the latest opportunities.

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