Tackling Indigenous Smoking

The Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) Program at Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service aims to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by reducing tobacco use.

The TIS Team are here to support people in their journey towards quitting smoking and have many resources available e.g. referral to Quitline and smoking cessation counselling.       

The GRAMS TIS Team deliver several activities within GRAMS and in the Geraldton and Murchison Outreach communities to assist smokers to quit and to provide information on the effects of tobacco smoking on you and your family.

GRAMS TIS team activities include:

  • encouraging community involvement in and support for local tobacco control activities
  • increasing community understanding of the dangers of smoking and chewing tobacco and the links between tobacco and chronic disease
  • improving knowledge, skills and understanding of the health impacts of smoking and pathways to quitting among workers and community leaders
  • promoting the benefits of never becoming a smoker
  • seeking to reduce environmental smoke and exposure to passive smoking
  • improving access to targeted support to quit through clinical and non-clinical services.


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For further information please contact the TIS team at GRAMS on 9956 6555.