Geraldton Hearing & Eye Health

Our health team is committed to progressing efforts to close the gap for hearing and eye health by improving access to eye and ear health care in our communities.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are ten times more likely to develop ear disease and hearing loss than non-Indigenous Australians. Our aim is to coordinate and deliver health services to help improve hearing and ear health outcomes.

Poor eye health can lead to impairment of everyday activities and limit education, employment and social opportunities. The rate of vison loss or blindness in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults are three times higher than non-Indigenous adults. Annual eye exams are recommended to help prevent eye diseases, including diabetes related blindness.

Deafness and blindness are preventable and treatable if monitored regularly. GRAMS provides hearing checks and retinal screenings at the clinics and also has Aboriginal Health Workers who attend schools for screenings.