Patient Transport

We provide assistance to Aboriginal people in navigating through a complex health system.

Services we offer include:

  • Client Transport to and from our clinic
  • Booking Specialist and other medical appointments, liaising with staff and other inter-related government and non-government agencies
  • Promoting the continuity of care for Aboriginal people through referrals, maintaining bookings of specialist and medical appointments, getting clients to appointments and assisting communication between all parties
  • Providing a smooth continuity of care through the PATS program, ensuring coordination of client accommodation and travel (including flight or bus tickets) between Perth and Carnarvon are booked
  • Chronic Disease Patient support to meet care requirements
  • Early Childhood Development – creating the best start for Aboriginal children with consistent care and provision of client transport for the families
  • Immunisation, Dental and Hearing awareness promotion – directly linking young Aboriginal children to the appropriate professionals