Mt Magnet Integrated Team Care (ITC)

The Integrated Team Care (ITC) program aims to improve the health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living with chronic health conditions by providing access to care coordination, multidisciplinary care and support for self-management. The program’s purpose is to help close the gap by improving access to culturally appropriate health care services including, but not limited to, general practice, allied health and specialists.


  • Comprehensive care: support for you and your doctor in line with your care plan
  • Education: provide resources and education tools to you develop self-management skills
  • Transport: we can help you attend your appointments and treatments by providing transport services
  • Financial support: we provide with fees for services to help you manage your chronic disease with your allied health and specialists appointments and treatments.


To be eligible for the program you must:

  • Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Have completed a Health Assessment, GP Management Plan and/or a Team Care Arrangement
  • Have been medically diagnosed with one or more Chronic diseases listed below:
    • Diabetes
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Renal disease
    • Respiratory disease
    • Mental health condition
    • Cancer
  • Referred to by your doctor