Deadly Cru

Deadly Cru’s focus is Youth Health and improving young people’s wellbeing by committing to help build young people to be resilient in mind and body and stay connected to their culture.

Youth is a significant transition and development period in an individual’s life. It is a time when important decisions are made about education, relationships, career and employment paths and lifestyle direction. Deadly Cru’s mission is to help support young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make successful transition to adulthood by providing resources and support services.

Back on Track

The Back on Track program is an engagement program for young men, providing youth social support, drug, alcohol and smoking education, advocacy and outreach trips to help the boys transition to adulthood and connect to culture.

Youth Health Checks

With a primary focus on youth health, we focus on helping to prevent chronic disease in young people. Covering more than colds and flu’s, we take a holistic approach and cover Social and Emotional Well-being, Mental Health, Traumatic Events, Home Environments, Bullying, Diet and Nutrition, STI Testing, Safe Sex, Healthy Relationships and AOD.

Young Leader Program

In 2018 we partnered with AHCWA to deliver the Young Leaders Program. Participants are trained in AOD, Mental Health, Safe Sex and Healthy Relationships and taught how to deliver to their peers. Deadly Cru support the participants by providing groups of young people at the Youth Health Days.

Other Youth Services

  • School holiday programs
  • Mooditj Me and Mooditj Mates
  • School Enrolments and Advocacy
  • AOD and Smoking education
  • Youth Social Support and Counselling Services
  • Sexual Health Education


For more information on the Deadly Cru youth services, please contact 9956 6527.