National Disability Insurance Scheme

GRAMS NDIS services and programs explained

GRAMS is proud to offer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Geraldton, Midwest and Murchison areas information, access, assistance and other services funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The NDIS provides support for people under the age of 65 years with permanent and significant disability (not chronic disease). The NDIS is designed to help people get the support they need to be able to live as independently as possible and participate in activities that interest them.

The NDIS provides additional funding to the disability support pension to meet the special needs of a person such as:

  • Helping with personal care
    • Getting in and out of bed
    • Showering
    • Managing money
    • House cleaning
    • Other domestic activities
  • Aid and equipment
    • Wheelchairs
    • Hearing aids
    • Psychological, social and speech therapy and physiotherapy
    • Social participation activities such as in local clubs
    • Transport to stay in touch with friends and community

The NDIS is unlikely to support anyone whose illness or disability is controlled by medications or if the support needs arise from a health condition. This person will be redirected to the health system for support.

GRAMS NDIS programs at 32 Holland Street:

Remote Community Connector (RCCs)

The goal of the Remote community Connectors is to ensure there is a culturally appropriate connection between the NDIS Agency (NDIA) and local communities. The RCC’s deliver information about the NDIS to community members who might be eligible and then assist the person throughout their entire NDIS journey.  Please contact on mobile and they can home visit the client.                                                          

Geraldton 0456 561 356
Mount Magnet 0456 409 002
Carnarvon 0456 308 767

Evidence, Access and Coordination of Planning (EACP)

EACP Assistance NDIS Referral Form

The purpose of this program is to assist people with disabilities to test eligibility to the NDIS, navigate the NDIS access process and to assist with coordination of the NDIS plan development process.

See the attached referral form or contact Erin to discuss access.

Erin Mongoo 0455 160 911

Remote Early Childhood Services (RECS)

The GRAMS family support program is here at the NDIS team building at 32 Holland St. We have a team who can help with just about anything, from something little to something big. If you or someone you know is struggling with their Mayu get in touch with GRAMS family support Program by pressing 5 on the GRAMS phone line.


Family Support Team:

Family Support workers:       Pedina and Katrina                        

Social worker:                           Michelle Tynan                              

Child health nurse:                 Bec Davy                                         

Speech pathologist:               Belinda Goodale                            

Occupational therapist:        Kylie Northcote                              


The above team can help with any of the following concerns:

  • Not attending school
  • not talking
  • not eating
  • toileting issues/fears
  • sleep concerns
  • tantrums and difficult to manage behaviour
  • dressing difficulties
  • not playing well with others/hitting/fighting
  • or any other concerns from families.

The Learning Place

The Learning Place is a free resource designed for new First Nation workers in NDIS organisations located in rural and remote areas.

The Learning Place uses a range of videos, storyboards, storytelling, and tip sheets on the following three core areas:

  • NDIS basics
  • Managers Module
  • PBS, behaviours of concern and restrictive practices

The Learning Place has been developed by Aboriginal and non-Indigenous staff at Keogh Bay, including those who have a lived experience of disability and who work in the disability sector.

It is available at:


Please get in touch as we are happy to help throughout Geraldton, Midwest and Gascoyne. We are happy to pop in on our monthly travels.