U RITE day puts spotlight on mental health

Published on Tuesday, 14 September 2021 at 2:00:48 PM

GRAMS hosted a community event last week to bring attention to mental health and the services available to support those in need.


U RITE Day is GRAMS’ equivalent of R U OK? Day and is an initiative to empower social and emotional wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Community members were invited to enjoy a BBQ, haircuts, massage and blue fingernail painting to highlight the importance of selfcare and wellbeing.


GRAMS Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Woods said it is their priority to improve access to mental health services and build community resilience.


“U RITE Day gave us an opportunity to start conversations around mental health and share the support available with our community members,” said Mrs Woods.


“The atmosphere on the day was fantastic and it was great to see everyone connecting with one another and enjoying themselves.”


She said mental health is an important topic for the community and encourages people to seek help when they need it.


“It is important to remind ourselves to check in with our loved ones regularly and ask them ‘U Rite?’ to make sure they’re okay,” said Mrs Woods.


“GRAMS aims to break down the stigma on mental health and bring awareness to the resources available.”


“Come on into GRAMS if you need help with your mental health and together, we can get through it,” she said.


“It’s OK to not be OK and it’s OK to ask for help.”


To learn more about GRAMS Social and Emotional Wellbeing services, visit https://www.grams.asn.au/geraldton/programs/geraldton-maga-brandi-social-emotional-wellbeing-support.aspx

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