Social activities and exploring health decisions with the Elders

Published on Wednesday, 19 August 2020 at 11:05:03 AM

Last Friday we had twenty eight Elders joining our Elders Day all-day program, taking part in a range of fun and engaging activities.

It was a great day of enjoying music, painting and arts and crafts. On our next program session, we will be working with Eric Dalgety from Red Ochre Band to create music with the lyrics highlighting our Aboriginal culture and strength for the NAIDOC ball.

The Elders shirt design is also in its final stage, with the Elders providing their vision for the design. The front of the shirt showcase land meets the sea, and the back of the shirt represents our Elder people from the desert, with emu footprints across. The shirt is yet to be finalised, but we are excited to see the completed shirt design and bringing it to life.

As part of the Elders Day program, GRAMS will also be bringing four Elders on alternate Fridays on a grocery shopping trip to learn about making healthier food choices. We will be buying the ingredients and preparing a healthy meal that will feed several family members.

To learn about the Elders Day upcoming activities, please call GRAMS on (08) 9956 6555

Elders Day

Elders shirt design concept

Elders Day

Elders day program

Elders Day

Elders day music 

Elders Day

Painting activity

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