School is back and so is the Deadly Cru

Published on Friday, 18 March 2022 at 1:04:39 PM

The Youth Outreach team (Deadly Cru) is proud to partner with Clontarf to engage with youth and promote healthy habits and behaviours. 


As part of the partnership program, our Deadly Cru Youth Engagement Officer, Levi visits Clontarf and deliver educational sessions to the students on the dangers of alcohol and other drugs.


Levi always finishes the session with a fun activity to make the learning interesting and engaging. One of the activities includes having the students wear beer goggles to try to knock over the pins in bowling and trying to get a hole in one with golf.


The purpose of wearing the beer goggles is to make the boys understand and aware of the dangers of drinking and how it can affect their judgement and reasoning when doing an activity.  


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