Exercise Young Mums Group Work Up A Sweat!

Published on Friday, 13 May 2022 at 11:40:11 AM

The Police and Community Youth Centre worked up a sweat with the Exercise Young Mums group last week in collaboration with Ngala.

For some young mums, it can be hard to find the time or be in the right headspace for exercise, but these ladies have grouped together to support each other get motivated. With the health benefits of regular exercise and activity being hard to ignore, community work-out sessions can be a great way to stay consistent and be supported by your peers.

After their session, the ladies were provided with some lunch where they spoke about how good they feel about themselves! “I can’t wait for the next session!” says one of the young Mums.

The lunch was a great way to chat with other ladies about their lives and get support from experienced Mums about raising their kids and balancing time for themselves and their mental and physical health.

After lunch, the group talked about the dangers of smoking, not only for them but what it can do to their kids who are around smoking. They were provided with some TIS information to read and take home and offered support available to help quit smoking.

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