Elders Day Program - creating a place to connect with our Elders

Published on Thursday, 13 August 2020 at 12:53:37 PM

We recently launched our Elders Day Program to recognise the Elders in our community and create a culturally safe place for yarning, sharing and storytelling.

Inviting the Elders to join in our fortnightly program, we hope to create a harmonious space for open communication and building relationships.

Through the program, we aim to improve the health and social and emotional wellbeing of our Elders by providing access to health checks and services.

GRAMS CEO Deborah Woods said that this program serves as an opportunity to give back to the Elders for the integral role they play in our Indigenous communities.

“By engaging and empowering Elders with support, we can make a positive advancement towards enhancing wellbeing and spiritual healing.” said Deborah.

During our first session, we enjoyed music, tea and refreshments as well as brainstorming for ideas on the activities, games and exercises to include in the program.

After consulting with the Elders on what they would like to participate in, we look forward to hosting a range of activities from yarning circles, art and craft, bingo, storytime, sewing and more.

We are currently designing a t-shirt for our Elders group and we can’t wait to share it with you once it's completed.

To learn more about our Elders Day Program, please call GRAMS on (08) 9956 6555.

Elders Day Program

Elders Day Program

Elders Day Program activities 

Elders Day Program

Elders Day Program ideas board

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