Staff Profiles


Virginia Cameron

Female Aboriginal Health Worker


I do pre-consult, hearing health, working in treatment room. Clinical.


Mervyn Cashin

Male Aboriginal and TSI Health Practitioner


Eric Dalgety

Male Aboriginal and TSI Health Practitioner

Working inconjuntion with specialist Ophthalmologist, Rentinal Screening (taking retinal photos of the eyes) of Diabetic clinets and referring them onto a  Ophthalmologist and following up with patients.



Ms Patricia Robin

Ms Patricia Robin Kelly

Female Aboriginal and TSI Health Practitioner


  • Was on the Mobile Chronic Diabetic Outreach Reach team in the  @ first going to Mount Margent

  • Home Visit:   all Ob’s get

  • Non-fasting blood taken

  • Blood fasting test taken @ times

  • Urine test, taking

  • Urine test done if Protein in urine brought back into AMS

  • Then ACR test is done

  • Over 55Plus Adult Health Checks

  • Adult Health Check

  • Educations & it’s explained to them in their homes

Do the Recalls:

  • HbA1c –sugar in body
  • ACR – see how kidneys going
  • Encourage patient to always have 3 Month Annual  Diabetes Check-up
  • Treatment Room: Wound dressings, removing stickers, do swab

Alan McDonald

Male Aboriginal Health Worker


A Yamatji Man who live in Northampton till I was in grade 1 at school on top of the hill. Move to Geraldton and finished school at GPS and GSHS in 1967. Done an apprenticeship as a Jockey in Perth stop riding in 1987 worked here & there on the Railway and Farming. Now I have worked at the Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service (GRAMS) since 1996. (18 years).

I have Certificate IV in Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care (Practice) HLT43907. Also have a have Bachelor of Applied Science in Community Health. My job at the GRAMS is in Prison Health a Re-entry program, Footprints for Better Health, I am also a Member of Barndimalgu Court sit with the Magistrate in a Special Court for Domestic Violence. A current member of Aboriginal Family Law Service, and Deputy Chairperson Bundiyarra Aboriginal Corporation.

Graham Scott

Graham Scott McDonald

Male Aboriginal and TSI Health Practitioner


Team Player for Home Visit Team/ Chronic Disease


Jackie Cameron

Female Aboriginal and TSI Health Practitioner


I work in the treatment room with our RN Ros.

  • Taking pathology requests
  • Dressing wounds
  • Performing ECG & many more

Keeps me busy and enjoy every minute of it and working wth the GRAMS team.


Donald Little

Male Aboriginal and TSI Health Practitioner


As an Aboriginal Health Worker I’m flexible when other Health Works   need a hand or filling in on their days off. My position involves the roles   of communicating with my clients, patient, and other staff members. As an AHW   I enjoy gathering information history of the client’s to meet there needs and   having a positive attuned to whosever’s I’m consulting. Educating all   client’s on their health status, Also as an AHW I have many stills like many   other AHW/AHP on carrying out the duty of care for all our clients and   patients, things such as taking clients orbs, bloods, wound dressing and wound   management (care), sutures removal and many more skills to and from   pre-consult and treatment room, as a young health worker I’m also eager,   willing and enthusiastic to learn more skills and being educated and learn   more skills from other workers on the practice we give. Also I have a passion   for Aboriginal Male Health and showing a keen passionate interest about Male   Health and the pass history (males being too shy, quiet or too afraid to seek   help) & to Educate for future history for Aboriginal Male Health and help   education the future Males to come.