Staff Profiles


Michael Cook

Indigenous Health Project Officer


As the Indigenous health Project Officer I lead the Integrated Team Care program.  I liaise with main stream health care organisations with an aim to improve the integration of health care for Indigenous patients that have a chronic condition.  I provide support to the Care Coordinators, Aboriginal Liaison Officer’s, Indigenous Outreach Worker’s and Community Services to achieve better health outcomes for Aboriginal people with chronic conditions.


Rodney Ryan

Transport Officer



Robert Mariani

Care Coordinator


Care Coordinators are qualified health workers (for example, nurses, Aboriginal Health Workers) who support eligible patients to access the services they need to treat their chronic disease according to the General Practitioner (GP) care plan. The work of a Care Coordinator can include providing clinical care, arranging the services in patients’ care plans and assisting patients to participate in regular reviews by their primary care providers. Care Coordinators work closely with Outreach Workers in many of these activities.

Care Coordinators have access to a Supplementary Services Funding Pool when they need to expedite a patient’s access to an urgent and essential allied health or specialist service, or the necessary transport to access the service, where this is not publicly available in a clinically acceptable timeframe. The Supplementary Services Funding Pool can also be used to assist patients to access GP-approved medical aids.


Leanne Ross

Respiratory Nurse Specialist- Care Coordinator ITC


Assesses patients with chronic lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema and Pulmonary Fibrosis. Provide education in self-management of respiratory disease and also home oxygen use. Performs spirometry and aids in diagnosis of lung conditions.


Jo-Anne Quartermaine

ICDC Care Coordinator